From the early days of supplying a small amount of firebrick to a small group of customers, Claypave's refractory business now supplies kiln car furniture to some of the major companies within the clay industry. Products made from refractory material have the ability to retain their physical shape and chemical identity when subjected to high temperatures. Claypave prides itself on its ability to manufacture a superior refractory brick, using high quality local and imported raw material.

Claypave's commitment to quality has been the hallmark of our success.

 We also manufacture shiplaps, deck blocks and kiln car furniture. Then if you need something to put it all together, try our Rylbond Mortar. We also stock a range of fireclays and grog in different grades.
As you can see, we can meet almost any Refractory need you may have.
 Keep Claypave in mind if you have any queries or would like a quote on Refractory products.
We have been in the Refractory business for quite sometime, you may remember us as Rylance Refractories.

Fire Bricks
These are used for the building of pizza ovens, kilns and firnaces. They come in different shapes such as arches, wedges and standard brick sizes. They also come in different thickness like 25mm, 40mm, 75,, and go up to 83mm. The different alumina content in each grade determines the temperature that the bricks will woek best at.

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Fire Clay
This product comes in a powdered form. Fireclay can be used as a mortar but needs to be mixed on site with sand and cement.  3 part sand : 2 part cement : 1 part fire clay.

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Pouring Bells/Tubes/Nozzles
The foundry industry uses these products to pour metal through them into a cast to produce different metal components.

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Refractory Splits
The Refractory Splits are designed to be used in the lining of fireboxes or in the walls of fire places, they can also be used as shelves in small pottery kins.

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These are used for sealing around a furnace lid or door. The Ropeclay is an unfired length of clay. This product is placed along the bottom of furnace doors to stop the heat from escaping, generally used once then thrown away.

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 Rylbond Mortar
This is a pre-mixed mortar used to bond the bricks together. It is an air set product and only needs to be applied at no more than 2 mm thick. If applied any thicker it may not cure entirely, leaving a faulty joint. Approx 48 hours drying time is required and then the heat can be turned up slowly to get the maximum hardness.

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Slabs are used for the base of an oven or kiln. They come in a range of  different sizes with the most common sizes being 300 x 300 x 50mm and
450 x 300 x 50mm. They are used in the same way as a firebrick and just span a greater distance.

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The products listed above are the most common items sold by Claypave. We have many more specialty products available or please contact us for more information on these products.

Claypave can help you with your Refractories needs.