Bullnose, Channels, Edges and Kerbs

Claypave produces a range of specialties products. The most popular of these is the Regal Bullnose paver, available in all colours and a variety of sizes. Claypave channels, edges and kerbs can all be used alongside Claypave regal body pavers to give a consistent look across an area

Tan Bullnose Large Format.jpeg Gold Bullnose Large Format.jpeg Sand Bullnose Large Format.jpg Pewter Bullnose Large Format.jpg Mocha Bullnose Large Format.jpeg Regal Tan Bullnose (40mm only).jpg Regal GoldBullnose (40mm only).jpg Regal Sand Bullnose (40mm only).jpg Regal Pewter Bullnose (40mm only).jpg Regal Rojo Bullnose (40mm only).jpg Regal Gold Bullnose (40mm only).jpg Regal Mocha Bullnose (40mm only).jpg

Channels - 250x115x65mm

114CLA channeltan 230x115x65mm.jpg113CLA channelgold 230x115x65mm.jpg

Finishing Edge - 230x150/115 x 50mm

119CLA finishinge_mod 230x115,150x50mm.jpg120CLA finishinge_mod 230x115,150x50mm.jpg

Kerbs - 230x115x125/65mm

118CLA standardkerbstan 230x115x125,65mm.jpg117CLA standardkerbsgold 230x115 x125,65mm.jpg