Our European-inspired long format bricks

A new world of architectural possibilities.

Our European-inspired long format bricks

It's been a long wait (pun intended) but we're very proud to annouce our brand new range of long format bricks!

Available in our standard colour range, we are excited to share a variety of different products in the new range, and we thought we'd create this little guide to help you on your way to choosing the best long format brick to suit your needs!

Our Delgado brick is 300x100x50mm, and initially started as a bespoke request for a project by Channon Architects and Elvis and Rose, but with their successful project came requests from other clients for the same. We thought it'd be rude not to share so we've now made this a part of our standard product range. Here's the project that started it all:


Next in line is our Uber, coming in at 400x100x50mm. We have two options with our Uber - the Standard, and the Brimstone. As you can see, both bricks have a textured core. The difference is in when they are split during product - the Standard is split before firing, and the Brimstone is split after firing, resulting in a stylish dark centre. Witchcraft!

Uber Gold.jpgUber Gold Brimstone.jpg

Last, but certainly not least, is our Epic brick. At 470x100x50mm, it is sleek and classy, and looks simply stunning. 

Uber Tan.jpg

Please get in touch with us for more information, or visit us to see these beauties in the flesh!


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