The Honeyworks House

Bringing 70s brick into the 21st century.

The Honeyworks House

Architect: Paul Butterworth

Construction: Black Developments

Year: 2017


There's no hiding it - we get excited when people send us photos of their projects that have been completed using our bricks. But what we love even more is going to site and seeing their creation in the flesh! The Honeyworks House, named for the owner's collection of beehives, is a testament to how versatile one humble brick can be, and we were excited to see what our Dry Press Red could do!

Owner of the Honeyworks House, Peter, was gracious enough to welcome us into his home and give us a tour, talking us through different considerations and interesting facts about his beautiful new residence.

The street frontage of a new home is an important feature, especially in an area like Geebung where the houses have distinct characteristics. Here, Paul Butterworth succesfully balances the essence of the neighbourhood using elements consistent with modern design, such as the tapered carport roof. Mesmerising brick screening by Black Developments adds to the charm of the frontage.


Wanting to preserve parts of the old house where possible, it was decided that these breezeblocks were too good to get rid of. They are wonderfully framed by our Dry Press Red's, and we think the two combined make a sensational team.


Upon entering the front door, guests are greeted with a tranquil indoor garden, and you can't help but feel instantly relaxed. Our bricks are paired with the vintage breezeblocks to mimic the garage feature inside the house, tying the two areas together wonderfully. This inital calm feeling is indicitive of how you continue to feel when walking through the rest of the house - it feels like an suburban oasis, a world away from the traffic and noise that envelops the cul-de-sac. And further to feeling calm all the time, it also feels cool all the time - Peter mentioned that the house is designed in such a way that air conditioning is not a necessity, and they even survived some hot Queensland summer days recently to tell the story! Walking out into the entertaining area, bricks have been used to create a bench - perfecting for entertaining during those hot summer days!


As you can see, the sky really is the limit with bricks, and it is so wonderful to see people thinking outside the box and creating something that looks sensational but doesn't take away from the area around it. Many thanks to Peter for his hospitality, and congratulations to Paul Butterworth Architect and Black Developments on a successful project!






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