Clay bricks and pavers are considered a "green" building material. We pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly status, as our products are:

  • Made from overburden from disused coal mines - we are recycling another industry's waste.
  • Fired using natural gas and exceed all emission targets set by the local Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Made using reject pavers in the mix.
  • Made using re-useable timber pallets.
  • Packed with recyclable packaging.

Claypave – Smart Energy Program

Claypave is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emission and power consumption. Claypave is a registered participating business in the Queensland Government’s Smart Energy Savings Program under the Clean Energy Act 2008. A Level 2 Energy Audit for Claypave was conducted for the period August 2010 to July 2011 in accordance with AS 3598:2000. An energy savings plan was developed after the Audit. The key measures of energy saving are as follows: