Deck Blocks

Claypave is one of the largest manufacturers of Kiln Car Refractories within Australia, manufacturing products for many Australian companies involved in the clay product industry. The Kiln Car Refractories form an insulating barrier between the high temperature kiln atmosphere and the steel kiln car chassis. They also act to support the product being fired. As the cars pass through the kiln they are subjected to both heating and cooling processes. This constant thermal cycling can place high stresses on the refractories that can lead to refractory failure. To counter the problems of thermal shock Claypave has developed Cladek 134 for Kiln Car Refractory Applications.  Cladek 134 is a high temperature refractory that, due to its cordierite content, has greater thermal shock resistance than competing products. It also possesses a low thermal expansion coefficient. These properties make Cladek 134 Refractories ideal for both under-deck and lane fired tunnel and shuttle kiln cars.